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The Beginning

posted June 29, 2011

June 2010

We’ve settled into a nice morning routine – around 10 Will goes upstairs to practice the violin and I sit in the kitchen with a cup of tea and memorize lines. Starting a few months ago in April, progress is going better than I had imagined – “this will take years!!!” I fluctuate between feeling overwhelmed, terrified, naïve and confident, exuberant and a bit “wild”. By my constant and ongoing calculations, if I keep at my current pace, I could feasibly have the play memorized by September 1st. So why have we tentatively scheduled the first production for July of 2012!!!??? Hmmm – why not do it in December of 2010 for Emily’s 150th birthday?

August 2010

Yes, it’s a go. The dates are set – December 9th and 10th at ACT. We’ll begin rehearsals in October after Ron finishes directing Our Town. Gosh, I’m not giving him any break – but we have been waiting some twenty five years to do this – so who needs rest now? The most amazing costume designer has showed up, practically out of the blue. Kari Rohlwing a recent Theatre Design graduate is going to design and built the dress. Now I have one less thing to keep me up at night. Her preliminary sketches are awesome. We’ve decided to depart a little from the traditional all white dress. This is theatre you know and not a Civil War reenactment complete with wool undergarments only washed every other year. :) I sense the color purple lurking in the shadows. Lines going well. Emily the cat keeps me company every afternoon when I begin . . . she especially loves the line, “Emily, stop your posing.”