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“A succulent delight and life’s renewal!”

posted April 25, 2012

Dear Emily,

“Succulent” – now there’s a word to lift you hat to!  Don’t you think?  I thought you would appreciate such eloquent feedback from an audience member who was quite moved by her visit with you.  Here are just a few more of the many wonderful responses from the recent shows at Fernandina Little Theatre.

I had no idea ED had such a good sense of humor about herself.”

Reading her poetry will never be the same.”

I hope we’ve helped get rid of that ridiculous stereotype about you being morose, melancholy and sitting in your room bummed out, pining away for love and writing indecipherable, crazy and bizarre poetry.  Oh, if they only knew what we know . . . . . .

Wasn’t it fun to do six shows and all sold out?  I told you they would come. What a grand time we all had. Ron (director) came to every show and took notes – which I love. I swear to the theatre gods and goddesses, I must truly be one of the luckiest actors on the planet. People think it’s crazy that we are still “working” on the show – but we just laugh and say, “it’s not work, it’s mining for gold.”

The other day I ran into a woman who saw the show – she could not stop talking about you! She said she felt like she knew you and that you understood many of her deepest feelings and thoughts about life, love, religion and nature. It is fascinating to hear how you impact people – to watch them as they talk about you, the poems, your philosophy about bliss and ecstasy. Faces light up, eyes water – as if they are being plugged into some kind of electrical current.

You’ll be thrilled to know that many of your “guests” were repeat customers from last year – and one couple loved it so much the first weekend, they came back for a second time the following weekend. One gentlemen said to me, “I didn’t think poetry was really my thing – now, I think it might be my missing part. Can you believe it?

And best of all, we got to do the show on St. Patrick’s Day. I privately dedicated it to Maggie. Now, Emily, I want to know one thing – as you were writing all those poems all those years, what prompted you to give them to Maggie? Did you know she was keeping them locked up in her trunk? Did you hope that she would show them to people after you died? Did she read them? I can imagine you silently handing her pages and she holding them like a rare flower petal, careful not to bruise it. And so, to Maggie Maher from Tipperary, Ireland I thank you most deeply.

Let’s do it again next year!


PS We are going to the downtown Jacksonville Public Library – can you believe it? Isn’t that perfection, and it just happens to be one of the most gorgeous libraries I’ve ever seen. You are going to love entertaining your guests there.