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“each one of you a rare creation . . . “

posted June 19, 2012

Dear Emily,
You have many new friends in Jacksonville, Florida.  There may just be a run on your poetry books and biographies in the days to come at libraries and bookstores in the area.  So, here’s the recap – one hundred and twenty-eight people (our largest audience to date), much laughter, standing ovation, fascinating discussion afterwards with the audience and people clammering to fill out the surveys!  When was the last time you ever heard of that?  And here are our top favorite responses,

1. I’ve met her now . . . . and quite like her.”
2. “Five bells for ‘The Belle of Amherst!”

You’ll be glad to know there was a wonderful mix of all ages in the audience, and a mix of great fans of yours and people who had never even read your poetry.  There were wonderful questions and comments such as, “I never realized Emily Dickinson was so funny.”, “Why did she never achieve fame during her lifetime?”, “Who was the ‘Master'”?.  But my favorite question came from a young lady, who brought a book of your poems to the show.  She asked, “Where do I find the Gingerbread Recipe?”

Rest up Emily, we are off to the West Coast in just a few days.