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Emily Goes West!

posted July 31, 2012

Dear Emily,

Between the Friends of the Chelan Public Library and the city of Chelan, didn’t we get quite the welcome? Did you see those fourth of July fireworks over Lake Chelan on Saturday, July 8th? How could you miss them – they were stunning! I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried.

The Belle performance was over around 9:30. There was just enough time to chat with audience members, get out of costume, pack up the props, load up the set pieces and head to the lake. As the champagne was being popped, the fireworks began. Perfect timing and an evening I will always remember. How cool of the city of Chelan to hold off on the 4th of July festivities until we got to town.

Even though you never went further west in your life than Amherst, Massachusetts, your poetry certainly did. The audience was an eclectic mix of Emily aficionados, library lovers, theatre lovers and people just out looking for a fun time. An English teacher from Portland, Oregon was left almost speechless . . . well, yes, she was my best friend. And this photographer from Seattle insisted on having his picture taken with you/me . . . . well, yes, he was my brother. “Tell all the truth, but tell it slant”, right?

Let’s give the Friends of the Chelan Public Library a huge and hearty thank you for bringing us to town and showing us a great “fourth of July”.

Rest up Emily, we’re going on the road again, soon.

Love, Sinda Lee