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The Thank You in my heart obstructs the Thank you on my lips.”

posted April 22, 2013

Dear Emily,

Please join me in giving a huge and hearty, glad and glorious Thank You to the wonderful crew at Fernandina Little Theatre who made the last six shows possible. Kudos go to our captain Brian Gilvey at the helm of the light and sound “boat”, to technical guru and all around theatre man Steve Rawls for helping get the boat ready to leave the harbor, to the amazing box office/ticket/promotions juggler, Annette Rawls for making sure all the passengers had tickets, to  the woman of many hats and much “heart” – Kate for building the boat in the first place and keeping it afloat, and last but certainly not least to Ron, the director extraordinare for raising the sails time and time again and charting the course, even with the faintest of breezes.

Emily and I are most appreciative and honored to work with all of you.
Until next time, Happy Sailing and Much Laughter,

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