SINDA NICHOLS: Have Suitcase Will Travel


Eventually, life all comes together.

I’ll make it quick – you know us midwesterner’s, we don’t like to talk about ourselves too much. Grew up in Michigan, suburbs of Detroit. Lucky me, I landed a Dad and Mom who loved going to theatre. We went to high school plays, high school musicals and not just in my home town of Plymouth – we attended theatre in Northville, Farmington, Dearborn, Ann Arbor, Detroit, the Cherry County Playhouse in Traverse City, and yearly visits to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario. Every stage was a new paradise for me to imagine myself on. One evening in 1976, Mom and Dad came home after having seen Julie Harris perform “The Belle of Amherst” at the gorgeous Fisher Theatre in downtown Detroit. My mom exclaimed, “You have to play this part someday. You remind me so much of her.” I’m not sure whether she meant Emily or Julie. However, all throughout undergrad theatre studies at Michigan State and then the University of Minnesota, I would remember what she said and think, “wouldn’t that be… incredible.” Fast forward through many a wonderful season of summer stock, touring children’s theatre, waitressing jobs, secretarial jobs, voice over fun, storytelling shenanigans, public radio joy, and many, many more variations on the theme of “acting” and “performance” to a small island off the coast of Florida. Out of the blue, came that perfect gathering of like minded souls who loved Emily and yearned to tackle “The Belle of Amherst”. And we did. In addition to lucking out with parents who loved theatre, I lucked out with extraordinary teachers in acting, delightfully demanding directors, and scores of astonishing colleagues who inspire me to keep growing. I hope when they see the show, they have as much fun watching Emily as I have playing her. In a nutshell, that’s my story. If you want more details… meet me for drinks after the show.

“Spellbinding – I felt as if I knew her! Masterful acting!”