SINDA NICHOLS: Have Suitcase Will Travel


Sinda Nichols is an incredible talent! We thoroughly enjoyed “The Lady With All The Answers” from beginning to end. The play is well-written and entertaining, and Ms. Nichols’ performance was outstanding!

~ Cynthia Riegler, April 17, 2014


Loved getting to know Eppie!

~ Susan Joline, April 17, 2014


As l former devoted reader of Ann Landers it was wonderful to see Sinda bring her to life on stage. A witty, revealing, and sometimes naughty portrait of this American literary icon. Some men in the audience the night I attended commented that they came reluctantly but left very entertained…much to their surprise!

~ Jennifer Webber, April 17, 2014


Great show!!!

~ Amy Petroy, April 16, 2014


Great show. So much fun at the theatre. Sinda is wonderful.

~ Billy Powell, April 16, 2014


The gift given to Sinda Nichols is rare. She becomes her subject. I never thought I’d see anybody but Emily in her smile and then, wow, Ann Eppie Landers showed up. She gives stellar performances engaging audiences time and time again. I can’t wait to see where she turns up next. Hopefully I’ll be there. Bravo Emily Ann Eppie. Your talent is thrilling.

~ Elizabeth Osta, April 4, 2014


Bravo to a moving performance by Ms. Nichols today at the perfect venue – Players By the Sea. In the second act “A Great Hope Fell” brought me to tears – a poetry first for me at age 52.

The audience was filled with Jacksonville area high school literature students, some seeing live theatre for the first time.

A special treat at the end was an up close and personal Q & A session like the Actors Studio. The students had great questions and Ms. Nichols had insightful and some surprising answers. Thank you!

~ Theresa Levy, December 11, 2013



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